Knock Knock Tacos

What do you do when your favorite local food truck opens a restaurant? You go there as soon as the doors open. Duh.

Taco Republic is still rolling around town, but they opened their service-station-converted-to-restaurant last week and Brad Pitt and I were there to check it out within 24 hours. We weren’t the only ones – it was hopping busy. Not a surprise. Their taco truck is fan-freaking-tastic, so the same should be expected from the brick & mortar menu. And our expectations were met. Great, great tacos.

Honestly, I would love to label each taco in the pictures, but I can’t…except for the shrimp. That one is painfully obvious. But the rest, I have no clue. Brad Pitt ordered three tacos. I ordered three tacos. They accidentally put one of my tacos on his tray and vice-versa. And then I think there might have been other mix-ups from the kitchen, but I just have no idea. And, honestly, I don’t care. They were all good and if I got a taco that I didn’t order, well, so be it. Call it an unintentional venturing out and trying something new and different. Yea for me.

Here is Brad Pitt’s trio of tacos … take note of the shrimp. (It is the one on the far left, in case you suffer from a slight case of dumbassness and couldn’t tell.)tacorepublic2Here is my trio of tacos … (I suffer from total dumbassness because I can’t match any of them to what I saw on the menu.)tacorepublic

The tacos were not the only highlight of the evening. Ohhhhh no. Not in a million years. The true highlight happened when I looked past Brad Pitt and noticed this lovely piece of decor resting next to a bench:roosterEyes sparkling with excitement, I immediately hollered “Knock Knock Motherfucker!!!” and flashed a proud smile.

Brad Pitt was unphased. He has dealt with sudden knock-knock-mo-fo outbursts for a few years. Driving down the road. Jogging around the neighborhood. Watching television. Anytime I come across a metal rooster of any size, I find it completely necessary to blurt out Knock Knock Motherfucker! You will, too, once you read the blog post about picking battles by The Bloggess. She is pure genius of hilarity.

Click HERE to read her story. Seriously. DO IT. You will thank me forever and ever. And if you find yourself yelling obscenities around metal poultry, well, good for you. Welcome to the club.

And, Happy Taco Tuesday!

—–For those of you who did not click the link to read the post: Shame on you. Do you not like to laugh? What is wrong with you? CLICK IT! Here… here is the link again: THE BLOGGESS KNOCK KNOCK LINK.—–


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