Cookies on the QT

I have a secret to share. I am addicted to the snickerdoodle cookies from QuikTrip. I discovered these tasty little treats when I had a marketing job a few years ago that required a lot of time spent driving my car.

Time spent in the car means lots of stops to fill up the tank, lots of meals eaten in the car and then, of course, the mandatory hunt for the cleanest bathrooms. I like QuikTrip bathrooms. They are usually quite clean. Shoot, I had a friend shack at a guy’s apartment one night and the next morning when I picked her up I took her to a QT so she could change her clothes for work that morning. Talk about a convenience store! And they have delicious snickerdoodle cookies.

Brad Pitt thinks it is disgusting that I’m addicted to gas station cookies. Then again, he also thinks my desire to own an RV and travel around the United States when we retire (or sooner!!!) is tasteless. He has no idea what he is missing out on! I mean, look at this object of beauty:


You can tell, just by looking at it, that it is going to taste really, really good. They are so cute, too. The picture above is larger than the actual size (unless, of course, you are reading this on your cell phone. Then the picture is probably smaller than the actual cookie.) They are about the size of a silver dollar. And they come in a plastic cup with a lid that has one of those puncture hole areas for a straw to go inside. Not sure what that is about but maybe some people like to drink milk from their cup after they eat their cookies? That actually grosses me out. Like when people drink the leftover milk in their cereal bowl. GAG! That is so disgusting.

I don’t know how many cookies come in the cup. I’m guessing about ten. I ate six or seven earlier today and there are three left. So,  yeah, about ten.

Anymore, I don’t usually need to go inside QuikTrip for anything. I pay at the pump and get on my merry way. But, if I happen to go inside for anything, anything at all, I always get a cup of snickerdoodles and a Powerball ticket. If I ever win the jackpot, I’m buying an RV and taking a road trip to all the QuikTrips around the United States and stocking up on snickerdoodles.

Let’s just keep my gas station snickerdoodle addiction on the QT for now.

7 thoughts on “Cookies on the QT

    • Bahahahahaha! First of all, yes I like (and use) bathrooms. Second of all, no one said that *I* was the one who accidentally pooped in the parking lot. The name was changed and I look nothing like that cartoon character.

  1. I got my wife hooked on your blog a few weeks ago and we’ve enjoyed talking about your funny stories. This week she texted me and said I have to read one and she totally wants to be friends with you.

    She too LOVES QuikTrip, but more importantly her and her best friend who happens to be the wife of Brad Pitts friend in DC have long talked about getting an RV and touring the country. They even named the RV The Slut Mobile.

    Keep the funny coming we love it!


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