The 925 Penny Sandwich

Well the world must not have come to an end after my post yesterday, which is a good thing because I have another sandwich I want to share this week. And since it is finally Saturday, it is officially a Sandwich Saturday post.

Feast your eyes on this bad boy …D&Dcajunchicken

If you are asking yourself, where can I get this mamma jamma of a sandwich? Fear no more. I have the answer: Dean & Deluca.

If you are in NYC, Napa Valley, Charlotte, NC or Washington DC you are in luck. As are those of you in the Kansas City metro area. How did we get so lucky to have a Dean & Deluca smack dab in the middle of the country and just a short drive from my house? I do not know, but I am so glad it is here.  Sorry if you don’t have a D&D near you. You are definitely missing out. Not that I’m rubbing it in. But I am.

Nah nah, nah boo boo! [that is me taunting you]
Mwahahahaha! [that is my evil laugh]
Suckers! You are totally missing out! [that is me going overboard]

Okay. I apologize. But I’m in love with the sandwiches at Dean and Deluca and highly recommend you try one if you are ever in the vicinity of one of their markets. This week I had the cajun chicken … I’m also a huge fan of their roast beef.

Given the fact we are on a stupid budget, I can’t indulge on D&D sandwiches all the time, but I am willing to scrounge around the house for loose change when I know I will be near the market.

The sandwich above required 925 pennies. And it was worth every single one of them.

Happy Sandwich Saturday!!


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