Fluffed Tacos

Today Brad Pitt accused me of “fluffing” my tacos prior to photographing them. Well, yeah, duh, I wanted shells that stood up and looked good for the camera, not some flimsy tortillas that just flopped on the plate. A few toothpicks later and they were photo-ready.

Actually, it took a lot more than a few toothpicks to “fluff” these tacos into perfection. Technically, they weren’t really tacos. They were fajitas. Smart Ones Portobello Mushroom Fajitas from the grocer’s freezer section, to be exact. But I added lettuce, cheese and some green hot sauce to boost the flavor and add some substance to my lunch. So, yeah, there was quite a bit of fluffing going on.

SmartOnesTacoPlateDespite making them photogenic, I would rate them: “Edible, But Why Bother.” I shouldn’t be surprised. They did come from the freezer section. Regardless, I got my Taco Tuesday fix and can carry on with the day. And I can add “Semi-Professional Fluffer” to my resume, which I am certain will open a number of new and exciting opportunities down the road.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Fluffed Tacos

    • Thank you!! The lettuce, cheese and hot sauce made the tacos much better. The rice kinda sucked. But who cares 🙂 the plates are “vintage” (ie: from my grandma or mom) and I bet you have the same set! I can only imagine they were popular awhile back. I love them!

  1. I thought the rice looked pretty tasty.

    The dishes were Grandma’s. It’s Corelle and we used them at breakfast and lunch. For dinner she always used nice tableware—even when we were young and broken dishes were likely.


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