The Caterpillar Club

Maintaining my inner-Steve Irwin, I came across the most amazing caterpillar yesterday when I was out jogging. Despite the fact the creeping critter was moving quite quickly, I managed to catch him on video. I, however, was caught completely off guard by this beautiful species and forgot to include Australian dubbed audio. So, you will just have to use your imagination and insert your own version of an Aussie accent when watching the video and reading my post.

The true highlight of the 23 second video happens at the 5 second mark: The caterpillar poops! See? Princess Katrina is not the only one who drops tiny turds on pavement!!! I felt an instant connection to this caterpillar at that point.

Here you go mates, check out this video.

A fast little bugger, isn’t he?

If you liked this video, awesome. You can join the club. The club currently consists of two people: Me and Charlie (my four year old nephew).

If you didn’t like the video, you can suck it. Along with Brad Pitt and my Mom who, when I texted them the video, responded by asking me why I was sending them videos of caterpillars. Seriously? No explanation should be needed.

You choose which club you want to join. (My club is more fun. Just sayin’.)

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