Ir•roast•istible Roast Beef

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If I’m anywhere near Dean & Deluca, I find myself drawn inside and ordering one of their seriously irresistible sandwiches. The roast beef is my favorite.

In fact, I have decided it is irroastistible.roastbeefD&D

In case you need some explanation ….

Definition of Irresistible:
ir·re·sis·ti·ble  (r-zst-bl)  adj.  1. Impossible to resist: Oh dear. I have an irresistible impulse to sneeze.  2. Having an overpowering appeal: Brad Pitt was overcome by my irresistible beauty and he had to marry me.

Definition of Irroastistible
ir·roast·is·ti·ble  (-rst-st-bl)   adj.   1. Impossible to resist roast beef: Oh dear. I have an irresistible impulse for Dean & Deluca.   2. Having an overpowering and meaty appeal: Damn girl, that sandwich is irroastisible, I have to have one.
I’d like to thank the online dictionary for help especially with all the squiggly pronunciation things that I have in my definitions.
Happy Sandwich Saturday!!!

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