Taco Two-sday

I had tacos for lunch yesterday (Monday) knowing good and well that today (Tuesday) was “taco day.” And for lunch today I had a burrito from Freebirds. It was like I set myself on a mission to blow Taco Tuesday out of the water and really make it explode with as much taco or taco-like meals as possible. I’m determined to drag Brad Pitt out for tacos tonight. And if the stars align, I’m aiming for a taco-like breakfast tomorrow. And maybe lunch. I don’t want to get too crazy, but it sounds pretty awesome. At least for now, I’m looking at two days of tacos in a row. And I’m loving it.


Tacos de Deshedrada from El Patron Kansas City

Yesterday’s tacos:Attention Seeester: see the cheese? You would like these tacos. You too, Mom, except I know you are eyeing that plate and thinking “Ew, gross. Beans. I don’t like beans.” I can hear you already. Just know, the beans were good. So were the tacos. Really, really good. And guess what? They were brisket tacos. tacobrisket

If you know me at all, you know I don’t eat brisket. Lets just say I ate a ton of brisket at an unfortunate time (right before I got hit with a stomach bug) when I was in elementary school and I haven’t been able to eat brisket ever since. Well, these brisket tacos are really good and honestly nothing like the brisket that traumatized me as a child. Mexican brisket. Much, much better.

I can’t wait to see what kind of tacos I get to sink my teeth into tonight. Taco Two-sday here I come!

Happy Taco Tuesday!



6 thoughts on “Taco Two-sday

  1. “. . .blow. . .out of the water” and “explode;” well, no kidding with all those nasty smashed up beans.


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