Things That Gross Me Out

Nothing better than waking up in the morning and thinking about things that gross you out. Sitting here typing out my list is nearly making me gag. Hopefully you can handle reading this without getting super grossed out, too.


Bandaidsmarilyn-monroe-yuck- I’ve never liked bandaids, they’re just … gross. A brand new, clean, just-out-of-the-box, still-attached-to-the-wrapper bandaid is tolerable. A bandaid covering someone’s injury? Gross. But the worst is the used bandaid that is laying on the ground or floating in water. Even if it appears clean it is still majorly disgusting.


Hairheeeeell-noStray hairs to be exact. A full head of hair? No problem at all. A bunch of tresses that are laying in a pile on the floor after having been cut? Sure, I can handle that. But random, stray hairs floating in water or in food? Oh, hell no. I spend a good amount of time cleaning out the tub before each and every bath to ensure a hair-free-water-zone. If I see hair floating in a pool? Cringe!!! I’m not even going to dip a toe in the water. And then of course there is nothing like finding a hair in your food after you’ve devoured the majority of whatever was on your plate. Even if its my own hair, it still grosses me out. And the worst is a long hair that takes forever to pull out of the food because its clinging on to whatever sauce or other ingredient makes the food just sticky enough to hold onto the strand of the hair. Sick.


GarbageEwI will hold my breath around garbage cans when I am out jogging or walking. Same with garbage trucks. I’ll close all the vents and turn off the a/c in the car until I’m free and clear of a trash truck. I am appalled when I see someone resting up against a trash can while waiting for a bus or talking to friends. Touching a trash can? I can’t even …


Johnny On the SpotsyuckReally do I need to go into any explanation? I will hold my pee as long as needed to avoid one of these disgusting vertical boxes of germs and ultimate grossness.


Trimming Finger/Toe NailsNOThe sound grosses me out. Clip. Clip. Clip. Ugh! So disgusting. I don’t even like to clip my own fingernails, let alone listen to someone else clink away on their own digits. I was stuck on an airplane one time and the dude in front of me felt like it was okay to trim every single fingernail multiple times as we waited for our flight to depart. Stranger fingernail clippings are possibly the worst.


Loose TeethMichael_Scott_ewwwThe thought of losing a tooth is so gross. As a kid, I would let my teeth dangle as long as possible (which is even more disgusting as I think about it!) before allowing them to finally fall out. No pulling. They had to come out on their own. Oh my Gawd. I am squirming in my seat just thinking about it.


BurpingNeoNoCertain burps are okay. Big, airy ones? Funny. But those juicy burps that come from the back of someone’s throat? So, so, so disgusting. (Note: I almost forgot to include this, but Brad Pitt just let out a super gross belch and it immediately reminded me that burps need to go on my list. Also note: Farts are generally okay and usually quite funny. Its the burps that gross me out.)



I feel like the items on my “Ew that is disGUSTing list are pretty typical and probably gross many other people out, too. I also have a list of foods that gross me out. These may or may not be typical, depending on your own taste buds and life experiences:

SalmonSamuel-babyWhy do people like salmon so much? Its too fishy and greasy and fatty for me. Blech, grosses me out just thinking about it. Despite the fact I am willing to try almost any new and somewhat adventurous food, I worry before dinner parties or special events that the host is going to set a plate of salmon in front of me and I have to pretend to be polite and eat the disgusting fish. I can’t do it.


Strawberrieswigg-outThey do not smell good, they do not taste good, I do not like them.


BrisketcantUsed to love it, but had an unfortunate case of a terrible stomach flu after eating a brisket sandwich and it ruined me for life.


KielbasaurkelSee brisket explanation above.


BubblegumstinkfaceI can not tolerate (not even in the least bit) the smell of bubblegum. And I hate listening to people smack on it. Bubblegum should be moved to the top of the gross food items list because it is the worst.

Okay. I think that is it…..But, I reserve the right to add to this list.

6 thoughts on “Things That Gross Me Out

  1. There were many times you had two rows of teeth at one time–the dangly, baby tooth in front, with the strong, new permanent tooth behind. It was an interesting look.

    **I think you should add seeing mayonnaise on the corner of someone’s mouth. That makes me totally grossed out.

    • That is so gross. I can’t believe you let me go in public looking like that. Mayo on the corner of a mouth would be much better than two rows of teeth.

      • Are you kidding? You would become hysterical if we tried to pull a tooth. Was it you or Your Seeester that lost a tooth when Dad managed to yank it out while washing your (her) face?

  2. I feel the same way about bubble gum flavor, but I am pretty sure I can trace that aversion back to childhood– my dentist used bubble-gum flavored paste to clean my baby teeth using that little rotary teeth cleaner.

    Oh yeah, and you forgot “cereal milk” on your list, but that’s ok, cuz I like cereal milk


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