Marathon Mac & Cheese

maccheeseTonight I’m loading up on carbs in preparation for tomorrow’s big marathon. The Waddell & Reed Marathon is a huge event in Kansas City and I look forward to it every year.

Um, no. I’m not running in it. Are you kidding? I could barely get through my 5K race last weekend.

No, I like to cheer on the marathoners. And cheering takes a lot of effort and stamina. I’m not kidding. You try standing on a street corner, in the cold, at the butt crack of dawn and clapping your hands non-stop for two hours. Its tough work and you can’t really train for it. You just have to wing it. And carbing up the night before definitely helps.

Best of luck to all the runners tomorrow! I raise my mac & cheese filled fork to you and I’ll see you when you round the corner in my West Plaza neighborhood! maccheesefork


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