You Get What You Pay For

freeburritoI finally earned enough rewards points for my FREE Freebirds burrito and went in today to cash it in. Here is a play-by-play of my ordering experience:

Hi! What can I get you today?
Hi, can I have a Hybird on flour please?

Sure thing. What rice would you like?
The cilantro lime, please.
Oh dear, we are out of the cilantro lime. [Yells to the kitchen: Are we getting more rice over here???] We’ll get some more in a minute… what cheese do you want.
—My world comes to a halt. What? Wait! You are going to move forward in the burrito making process? I like my rice on the bottom. You can’t go out of order! That throws my whole day into a spin that completely messes with my OCD brain because you are changing things up. Please don’t change things up! Please!—

Oh, um I can wait for the rice.
Its coming. What cheese would you like?
Oh gosh, okay, the monterey jack please. And the queso fresco.
Oh, um, okay monterey jack. Thats this one, the combined one.
—Um, no dummy its NOT the combined one. The combined one is called COMBINED on the menu. The monterey jack is just plain monterey jack. Oh, yep. There she goes. Plopping the combined cheese on my burrito. Argh! Breathe, Katie, breathe.—

Um, okay, yeah, I want the queso fresco, too.
Oh, thanks for the reminder. [adds a teeny tiny bit of queso fresco]

We then proceeded to add carnitas, tomatoes, pico de gallo, salsa, hot sauce, cilantro, red onions and lettuce to the burrito.

Will that be all?
No. I’m still waiting for my rice.
Oh yeah! I almost forgot!
—No shit. I didn’t.—

Scrambles around in circles looking for rice and finally takes a spoon back to the kitchen to add a scoopful to the top of the burrito. Reminding me, again, that my burrito is upside down and really messing with my OCD. I hate it when things are upside down or out of order. But I maintain my cool because, hey, maybe I will like it this way.

I proceed to the register, swipe my rewards card and walk away with my free burrito. But, wait… that is not the end of my experience. Nope. As I neared the exit, I had to step over a large cockroach that was running across the floor. I can only assume he was making a getaway to Chipotle to see if life over there is any better.

So, yeahhhh, based on my exposure to the Ebola virus earlier today and my upside down, erratic burrito building experience with the friendly roach, I would have to say I’m a bit concerned about coming out of this day alive. Then again, the burrito was free. Proof that you get what you pay for.

***Please note: I don’t like exposing people for less than stellar service, but I felt like this was worthy of sharing. And despite the fact my upside down, wrong cheese burrito that was eyed by a cockroach totally fell apart when I got it home because it wasn’t wrapped tightly, I will still go back because they have that stupid rewards program and I’m a sucker for free burritos.***


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