Hey America!

So, a couple of weeks ago I was busy folding some shirts at work and my co-worker/friend Alyssa snuck up and scared the living day lights out of me. We both were in the middle of a fall-down-cracking-up session when someone walked in the door and we were forced to regain composure. We quickly learned, though, that our hilarious antics were the reason this person decided to come inside. She was a casting associate for Let’s Ask America and thought, with our bright personalities, we might want to be considered for the game show.

Um, the chance to win up to $50,000 without even leaving my home? Yes, please, where do I sign up?

So, we gave her our names and contact info and then posed with mannequins in the store for our obligatory photo. My mannequin had abs of steel, so I sucked in my gut pretty hard so he wouldn’t show me up.

The next day I got a call from another casting person who was in Los Angeles.

Hello, Hollywood? Yes, you may pick me for your show, please and thank you! After a super quick Skype session with that associate, they moved me up the ladder and made an appointment to audition via Skype with one of the show’s producers.

They asked me to create a background that showed off my personality, interests and hobbies, so I chose a corner of my kitchen and put a bunch of my cookbooks on top of our wine cabinet, added some Boulevard Smokestack Series beers and threw in a few gnomes for good luck. When it was time for my call to come through I sat in front of my display and waited with the Little Monster on my lap. She wanted her shot at fame, you know.

The call came through and Little Monster Penny and I had our time to shine. The audition was over in less than ten minutes and, I have to say, we did pretty awesome. audition

At first I was afraid I might jinx my chances at making it on the show if I told you that I tried out. But then I realized if I didn’t share this experience with you now and a few weeks goes by and I find out I didn’t make it on the show, I wouldn’t have anything fun to say. I mean, wouldn’t you rather hear me say “Holy shit! Guess what!?!? I might be on television! I might win up to 50,000 bucks!!!” rather than “Yeah, so I tried out for this game show but they decided they didn’t like me enough to put me on television, so I am not famous and I’m still poor. Wah wah wah.”

I prefer the first option. So, that is why I’m telling you now. And if it jinxes my chances, well, then I blame PigTalesBlog for me not making it big in Hollywood. So…

Holy shit! Guess what!?!? I might be on television! I might win up to 50,000 bucks!!!

You can have your chance to try out, too. They are planning on casting 850 people for the next season and all you have to do is go online and fill out an application. If they like what they see, they’ll get in touch with you. Its that easy.

Oh. Yeah. If you do end up submitting an application and you do end up on the show and you do end up winning money all because you read this on my blog, I would not be opposed to a nice thank you note with some dollar bills included. Just sayin’.
Let's Ask America Flyer


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