World Series Loaf of Cheese & Beer Splashed Dogs

When I realized Game 1 of the World Series was going to be on television last night, I immediately had an appetite for hot dogs and nachos. Because, lets face it, nothing says Play Ball!!!! like hot dogs and nachos. Am I right?worldseriesnachos

I threw a loaf of Velveeta queso blanco, two cans of Rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles and a pound of browned ground beef into the crockpot.

It is so weird that cheese comes in a loaf, isn’t it? That sounds disgusting. And really when you think about it, it is disgusting. So don’t think about it. Because when it is nice and warm and melted it tastes really good.

I figured if we just dipped our chips into the creamy mess-o-cheese it wouldn’t feel like a meal, so I added jalapenos, black olives, lettuce and salsa to the chips and dip to make a substantial plate of nachos. Plus it made the nachos feel healthier. You know, added veggies and all.

And then there were the hot dogs. worldseriesdog

I don’t know what sort of magic I pulled on the hot dogs, but they tasted just like the best hot dogs in the world. (AKA: The hot dogs you eat while watching the Kansas City Royals play at Kauffman Stadium.)

I bought my usual Oscar Mayer lean beef franks and simmered them in a pan with some water on medium high heat, adding a few tablespoons of water at a time. And then I looked at my left hand and noticed I was holding a Boulevard 80-Acre, which led to the brilliant idea to splash a little beer in the pan. So I did. When the pan dried up, the hot dogs were ready to go. And they were delicious!

I’m totally going to have a hot dog for lunch today. Its a good thing there was a leftover dog because I don’t want to crack open a beer at noon just to have one hot dog. That would lead to a very unproductive day. Or would it …..

Cheers to the World Series giving me the brilliant idea to heat up a loaf of cheese and splash my dogs in beer. On to Game 2!*

*In case you wondered: I am rooting for the St Louis Cardinals. Given the fact they are from my home state MISSOURI (Yeah! Wahoo! Missouri!!!) I’m obligated to cheer for the red birds.

2 thoughts on “World Series Loaf of Cheese & Beer Splashed Dogs

  1. Those blobs of mustard make me think of the Yellow Brick Road, which, in turn, makes me think Chiefs and Cardinals and Tigers! Oh, my!!!

    BTW, very old school way (read pre-microwave oven) to cook the hot dogs.

    • Yeah I know its the old school way of cooking hot dogs but not necessarily with beer. Right? And now that you have talked about the blobs of mustard on my hotdog I am forced to blog about the mustard shape on Brad Pitt’s hotdog. I will do that right now…..


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