Brad Pitt Chick-‘N Sandwich

I have to work today, so I asked Brad Pitt to guest blog about Sandwich Saturday for me. I can only imagine what this could lead to, but I’m sure we are all in for something interesting …..

Hi Everybody! It’s Brad Pitt. Yes, I know Katie usually posts on this thing, but it came to my attention that she had to work. So, I’m taking over as a guest blogger to post my own suggestion for the national (global? universal?) holiday that she has created: Sandwich Saturday!

I’d like to introduce you to the Brad Pitt Chick-‘N Sandwich. The recipe is pretty simple:

Step 1: Find 2 chicks– as in super fine ladies.
Step 2: Convince them to let you ‘N between them!
Step 3: I’ve never actually gotten past Step 1, so you will have to improvise.

Now I know this might sound confusing, so I’ve created a diagram, below:
chick n sandwich

Happy Sandwich Saturday!



8 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Chick-‘N Sandwich

  1. !. This probably isn’t a sandwich Katie will approve of. (oh, jeez. at least I hope not)
    2. It is also probable that this is the first, last and only time she asks you to guest blog. So, good job with accomplishing that! 🙂


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