Can’t Be Beat Cheesesteak

Man, I am really sucking when it comes to punctuality and Sandwich Saturday posts. Sheesh. Another Saturday passed and another Saturday I was too busy to post an amazing sandwich for you all. And by too busy I mean: I worked all morning and had a Mizzou basketball game in the evening. In between I had to take a nap. Yep: Sleeping before Sandwiches. That is what they call priorities, people.

Now that I had my fun and am well rested I am going to share the sandwich of the week with you … and it is a good one. No. It is a great one. No. It is freaking fantastic. Probably (dare I say) my favorite sandwich in Kansas City. No matter how many times I eat this sandwich I am always amazed at how many flavors exist in each bite. Say hello to the can’t-be-beat-Cheesesteak sandwich from Pigwich.pigwichcheesesteakNOM NOM NOM! I could eat this sandwich every day. Happy Sandwich Saturday/Sunday!


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