My All Time Favorite, Because It Is So-So-So Good, No Frills, Secret Mexican Restaurant

I would have to say that Sabor y Sol is probably my all-time-favorite Mexican restaurant in Kansas City. It is on “The Boulevard” where you will find more than a handful of fantastic Mexican restaurants, some more authentic than others. I’ve written about the tacos from El Patron quite a bit and, while I love their ambience, their tacos and their margaritas (my fave margs in town!) my default favorite spot is Sabor.

It is a little further west on the Southwest Boulevard than the other restaurants. The dining room is bright and open. The service is fantastic. (Even though they may not know my name, they definitely know me and can probably recite my order before I walk in the door.) We are always greeted with a very warm welcome. I like these people so much I even started thinking about what I might give them for Christmas this year.

And the food…. it is so (so so so so so so so) good.

I usually go for the Enchiladas Mexicanas. Or the Burrito Bravo. Or the Burrito Rojo. On occasion I’ll swing for the Acapulco Bay. But recently I was there for the tacos. It was a Tuesday, after all.

Talk about a deal. BOGO Tacos all night. Brad Pitt and I both opted for two grilled steak tacos. $2.45 per person = $4.90 for four delicious steak tacos with onions and cilantro.

photo-455We would have ordered more but we started with their fresh guacamole (served in an authentic Mexican stone bowl) and we couldn’t resist a side of refried beans. They have the best in town. I’m not kidding. Seriously. I am not kidding. Do not doubt me. Or try to tell me someone else’s are better. I stand firm in my statement. (But if you think someone else has great beans, please tell me because I am willing to try them.)

Anyway, between the two of us we had chips, salsa, guac, four tacos, a side of beans and two frozen margaritas. And including tip our total bill hovered around $20.00.

Are you kidding me?

I should just delete this entire post because I’m afraid my “secret” is out of the bag and everyone will be rushing there right now and I won’t be able to get a table for myself. But I won’t. I’m too nice and love to share recommendations with people. So, there you go. The best in town. My all time favorite. Go get some.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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