Boring But Not Boring Turkey Wrap

I feel like this Sandwich Saturday post is so boring. Bor-ing! Totally dull and boring. But, hopefully those who are close to a Hy-Vee grocery store will appreciate it.

When I’m out running errands and need a bite to eat, I will make a Pitt Stop at the grocery store’s deli for one of their Di Lusso sandwiches. The “Rio Grande” wrap, to be exact. Basically it is a tortilla (chipotle flavor, I believe) with smoked turkey, pepper jack cheese, cream cheese, lettuce, jalapenos and salsa. I have to be honest: Its pretty damn good. So, maybe its not so boring after all. And, given the fact that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, the turkey in this wrap makes it quite festive. (And the rest of the ingredients make the turkey portion more than tolerable. I don’t like turkey. I’m actually lobbying for a roasted chicken this year and even tried to convince my mom that the pilgrims actually ate chicken, not turkey, but she wasn’t going for it. Humph.)

turkeywrapHappy Sandwich Saturday!


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