How (Not) To Handle Leftovers

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we have a smorgasbord of leftovers to tackle. I informed Brad Pitt that he was welcome to all of the turkey, ham and cranberry sauce. (AKA the stuff I don’t like.) I also told him he could eat any of the dressing (stuffing) that he wanted, to make him feel good about what leftovers he was “allowed” to eat. The rest, I intended, would be all mine. All the “good stuff.” The twice baked potatoes, the slow cooked green beans, the cheesy broccoli rice casserole and the mostaccioli with meatballs.

Brad Pitt looked at me, squinted his eyes  and said, “Your mom actually told me you were going to say this and she told me that I was allowed to eat whatever leftovers I wanted, no matter what you said. You can even call her and ask, if you want.”

So, I did. I called my mom and asked if she said such a foolish thing. I found out that Brad Pitt was lying. She found out I was being a stingy brat. And Brad Pitt not only has access to all the leftovers but is also walking around quite smug knowing that he turned the tables on me.

Here is a glimpse at all my favorites from Thanksgiving:


I should point out that I made the carrots. They were bourbon glazed carrots, to be exact. And they were really, really good. I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website. She chopped up “regular” carrots, but I wanted the special, small ones that look really pretty on a plate. The bag says “Petite Carrottes Epluchees” which makes them sound super fancy. But underneath in parentheses the bag also says “Peeled Baby Carrots.” So, they aren’t really all that special at all. But given their size and the fact they still have a stem on top, it makes them look pretty special. And the bourbon glaze made them extra special.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I call dibs on all of the leftover carrots, too.glazedcarrots

4 thoughts on “How (Not) To Handle Leftovers

  1. Those carrots, I believe, were my favorite part of the sinner. Ok, I mean dinner. But I kind of like my phones autocorrect. The bourbon glaze turned those carrots into sinners! Lol
    They were very good leftover! I added my leftover broccoli and cauliflower to the sauce. Mmmm, soooo good!

  2. The carrots were delicious. Pioneer Woman rarely disappoints. I love it when a new (to us) dish gets automatically added to the next holiday meal. That means you are making them for Christmas!


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