Your Holiday Card Has Arrived

Ahhhh, December.

In just a few weeks our fridge will be covered with holiday cards and the smiling faces of all our friends’ children. By the time Christmas rolls around, I will have my usual pangs of guilt (small pangs, but pangs nonetheless) for not sending out holiday cards of our own. Not that we have children to plaster on the card anyway. But we do have Penny aka The Little Monster. She is like a child. We have to feed her, take care of her poop and teach her things. Just like a child. You know, like human children.

Given all this, I decided it was time we joined the holiday greeting card bandwagon. I’m not mailing my card though. Are you kidding? That would take too much effort. I’m not wasting my time addressing all those envelopes! Plus I don’t want to spend all that money on postage. Stamps cost 46 cents. Each! That is like half a taco on Taco Tuesday. Wouldn’t you rather I bought you half a taco than mail you a picture of my dog-child every year?

Yeah. That is what I thought.

So, I’m not mailing my holiday card. I’m posting it. Right here. Right now. From me to you:


Don’t you feel special now? I mean, really…who else can say they received a holiday greeting from Brad Pitt?!?

I’m proud to be the first to say … Happy Holidays!

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