Maybe because we have entered the Season of Giving, but I’m feeling particularly generous this morning, so I figured I would share a photo of another sandwich this weekend. Prepare youself to witness the most awesome sloppy joe meal I’ve ever made:slopawesome

Honestly, yeah, it doesn’t take much to make sloppy joes. We all know this. But it takes something to make them awesome. And I feel I accomplished this task last week. Even Brad Pitt didn’t complain (too much) about having to eat sloppy joes for dinner.

What was my trick, you may be asking? The bun. Its all about the buns, hon.

I went with Pepperidge Farm Onion Hamburger Buns and boy-oh-boy did it make for a nice flavor explosion in your mouth. Oh, yeah, it also helped that I swapped out my favorite side dish of tator tots for sweet potato fries. Brad Pitt loves sweet potato fries. The Alexia spicy chipotle seasoned sweet potato fries from the frozen section at the store did the trick.

I also think the lighted Christmas tree in the background helped make this dinner a bit more special. I may have to keep the tree up all year long to give every dinner that added punch of awesomeness.

Happy Bonus Sandwich Sunday!


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