Me on a Shelf

Much love for and Photoshop for making life at work and home just that more special.

I plunked my face inside an Elf on the Shelf-esque body, printed the image at Kinkos and then carefully cut out my elf creation so that I could hide it around the store and my house. (I made two elves.)

I even sent a warning email to my coworkers: emailelf

For some odd reason, the most common reaction to my elf has been “Oh my gosh, that is so creepy.”

I don’t get it. Creepy? Huh.


Then people laugh. And a few people at work have already taken to moving the elf around and hiding it on their own.

My goal is to move my elfin’ body around so that people are caught by surprise when they return for a new day of work. And, of course, to surprise Brad Pitt with all sorts of fun places around our house.

Like the day I clipped my elf onto one of his Preparation H pads. That was awesome.elfprepH

Brad Pitt was all “Why did you put the elf on a hem-rod pad?” And I was all “So you would know it was for you!”


I’ll keep you posted on any good spots my elf hides over the next couple of weeks. Until then, the adventures of Me on a Shelf continues …


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