One for You, One for Me

You know how everyone always says they follow the “One for You, One for Me” philosophy of holiday shopping? Okay maybe not everyone but enough people for me to say everyone. Just follow along here, okay?

Well, as you know I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping this year and I came across some truly majesticle (How the hell do you spell that word? Every spelling I’ve tried ends up with red squiggly typo lines. And “majesticle” surely can’t be right. It looks too much like a magic testicle. Argh! I hate it when I have to Google words to figure out correct spelling!)

…. Lets try this again ….

I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping this year and I came across some truly magestical shirts. Totally perfect for all you Taco Tuesday lovers. Me included. And I’m fighting the urge to buy some of these for myself.

Here are a few of my favorites, courtesy of (the same site you can pick up some ridiculously cool PigTalesBlog swag … just sayin’.)

There is this one, simple yet elegant:


And then this one, based off that hilarious video the guy made of his drunk wife telling taco & nacho jokes:


And this one, playing off the “Said No One Ever” trend: nojuantaco

And then this one… my All Time Favorite … because its pretty much true:tacotueslegend

Ahhh, decisions, decisions…..

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!!

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