Drop It Like Its Tot

Since my breakfast I can’t get tater tots off my brain.

When the taters in the oven, ma
Drop it like its tot
Drop it like its tot
Drop it like its tot….


For all you tater gangsters who want their dancing tot with music: Click HERE.



7 thoughts on “Drop It Like Its Tot

  1. Wow, tots funny! But, after seeing all the effort you put into tater tots, I can’t wait to see what you could do with your fave, tacos. Or maybe “sea animals.” Or, your special fave, beer. Yep, beer; that is probably your favorite fave.
    Am I right?

  2. Charlie says, “Which one is Katie? Is she in front? Wait, that’s Ben! Is that one Katie? (the one to the left) Which one is Katie, Mommy?” Ha ha ha! Then he says, “I want to see the next funny thing.” Whatever that is supposed to mean. Maybe dancing beers.


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