The other night we joined some friends for dinner and drinks at the Hi-Dive Lounge. When our server asked what we wanted to eat I said:

Let me sleep on it
Baby, baby let me sleep on it
Let me sleep on it
And I’ll give you an answer in the morning!!

No, I didn’t.

But I wanted to because all of our friends were ordering the meatloaf. I don’t think I have ever eaten meatloaf at a restaurant. But I’m definitely going to next time. Their dinners looked fantastic.


Even the experts agree:


Yep. Next time I’m going with the meatloaf. And I’m pretty sure I’ll love it forever. Till the end of time.

Photo Credit Info: I plucked the image of Meatloaf (the singer) off of and used my mad Photoshop skills to make it my own. The meatloaf (dinner picture) is all my own. Well, it was my friend’s dinner, but I took the picture.

6 thoughts on “Meatloaf

  1. Don’t forget though…meatloaf is a place to hide uneaten food items that were previously just sitting in the fridge. At least that’s how it works in my house.

  2. Not only have you never eaten meatloaf in a restaurant, you’ve never eaten it at home. At least, not ever at your parents’ home. I don’t do meatloaf. Blech. I rate meatloaf the same as mayonnaise and eggs and salmon. They are on the Do Not Prepare (Or Eat) Ever List.

  3. I love meatloaf! It is one of my favorite dishes. Unfortunately, a lot of restaurants F it up, so I am leery of ordering it at someplace new, for fear of being disappointed. Ted’s Montana Grill has an AMAZZZZZ bison meatloaf, but sadly all their KC locations have been closed for years! Also, ordering meatloaf at a diner is almost always a mistake.


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