Half & Half Burrito


Tonight I experienced something completely unheard of while standing in line at Chipotle. The guy in front of me ordered a burrito with chicken….aaaaaand with beef.


I think my jaw hit the plexiglass barrier as I watched in wonder. When the tortilla girl greeted me I turned to her, eyes as wide as saucers and said “I had no idea you could do half-and-half with meats.” She got all excited and confirmed that, yes, indeed, you can mix up the meats in your burrito.

Why hadn’t I thought of that?!?!?

Given my track record of taking forever to made decisions, I knew tonight was not the night for me to try my own half-and-half burrito because there was no way I would be able to decide which two meats would be the most epic combination. So I went with a plain ol’ barbacoa burrito. But, I’m already planning for my next visit to Chipotle. I’m thinking maybe carnitas and barbacoa. (Similar textures.) Or carnitas and chicken. (Its like double chicken seeing how pork is the other white meat.) Or steak and barbacoa. (Beef, its whats for dinner!)  I’m just not sure.

I figure I have at least a day to decide before I’m faced with this decision.

2 thoughts on “Half & Half Burrito

  1. I’ve done carnitas and barbacoa before. It was delicious. (Side note: My iPad auto corrected barbacoa to bar bacon. That sounds delicious too.)

    • Oh my gosh. That is hilarious!! Bar Bacon!! I need to try that on a burrito for sure. And the mix of carnitas and bar-ba-coa. 🙂

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