Sloppy Style

Did I ever tell you about the most successful sloppy joes I’ve ever made? It happened a couple weeks ago when I tried new buns. As you probably know, Brad Pitt is not a fan of sloppy joes and I can usually “threaten” to make them for dinner when I really want to go out to eat. But I love sloppy joes so I try to find a way to make them more delicious each time so Brad Pitt will fall in love with the sloppy madness too.

I found the combination of sloppy joes and onion buns to be particularly magnificent. (Not to mention the side of chipotle sweet potato fries was a nice complement to the meal.)photo-509

I think the onion bun (and fries) did the trick because Brad Pitt didn’t complain too much (in fact, not at all) during that dinner. I will most definitely build all future sloppy joes using onion rolls and highly recommend you do the same. They were so good that I have decided to feature them as this week’s Sandwich Saturday. The final Saturday of this year. Going out of 2013 in style. Sloppy style.

Happy Sandwich Saturday!

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