When I was a kid, my parents took me to ShowBiz Pizza. You know, the old school version of Chuck E Cheese. Same premise: pizza, skeeball, ballpit, etc etc. And the infamous animatronic concert performance by the Showbiz animals. They also had people dressed up in costumes resembling those animated creepers that would walk around and visit with the kids. The gorilla scared the shit out of me and my dad had to yell GO AWAY MONKEY! GO AWAY! until I stopped crying. I was probably fifteen at the time. Just kidding. I was probably three or four years old. But I wouldn’t blame a fifteen year old for freaking out around singing gorillas.

Anyway, a friend of mine recently posted this video on Facebook which brought back all those fond memories. I don’t know how far Showbiz stretched across the United States, but at least the Midwestern kids of the 1980s should appreciate this musical masterpiece:

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