Sandwiches: Then & Now

Now that we have officially entered the land of 2014 and I’ve had some time to reflect on the past year I have realized …. I ate a lot of sandwiches last year!

A lot of Roast Beef and Italian sandwiches. Looking at my photos was a slap in the face. I need to branch out people! I think I knew this deep down, I just didn’t want to accept it. I told myself the occasional chicken or turkey sandwich made up for it. Well, I’m accepting and embracing it. And I have a plan of attack for the coming year.

Sandwiches I plan to conquer in 2014 (in alphabetical order because I had to Google “types of sandwiches” to figure out what I was missing in my life and it showed up alphabetically in Wikipedia):

  • Banh Mi – I’ve had the Meatball Banh Mi from Pigwich, but I’ve never had a “real” Vietnamese one. 2014 will change that.
  • BLT – Hi, I’m Katie and I’m 35 years old and I’ve never had a real BLT in my entire life. I’ve had bacon sandwiches (bacon on bread with nothing else), but not a true BLT. Don’t hate me. I was wasting my time with roast beef and salami.
  • Ultimate Grilled Cheese – I was going to write “Grilled Cheese” but come on. B.O.R.I.N.G. That is why I added “Ultimate” because surely that will make for a splendid sandwich.
  • Cheesesteak – I know. I eat cheesesteaks all the time, but I’m not going to remove it from the list. No way. I love them.
  • Chicken Salad – This one is making my mom cringe as she reads it because I’m 99.999999999999% positive she can’t stand chicken salad anything. Honestly, it kind of grosses me out. But kind of not. I kind of like the idea of one.
  • Club – I’m not a big turkey fan, as you all know, but I will tackle a club sandwich this year. And not the one from Potbelly, since I already had that one. Something new. And inspiring.
  • Corned Beef – I assume this comes on a sandwich and I assume I will have the chance to consume one around St. Pats Day. Check back in March.
  • Croque Monsieur – Isn’t this fancy for ham and cheese? Surely there is something tres magnifique about one. I plan to find out.
  • Cuban – I’ve never had a Cuban before. No. No. I do not think I have. This one excites me for some reason. Odd, I know. But exciting. I heard there is a pickle involved. I love pickles. [If you were able to read this entire blip about Cubans without repeating the phrase “That’s what she said!!!” over and over, then we can not be friends.]
  • French Dip – Mmmmm. One of my favorite sammies so it will be on the list and will very likely be conquered multiple times in 2014
  • Gyro – Not a fan of tzatziki sauce, but whatever, I will give this one a whirl. [Note: its spelled tzatziki, not tzitki. I thought it was tzitki until I googled it to be sure. I was wrong. And so were you if you thought it was spelled that way, too. But great minds think alike, so high-five to those who thought it was tzitki. For those who have never heard of tzatziki, branch out a little this year, okay?]
  • Juicy Lucy – I’ve had many an opportunity to order a Juicy Lucy (hamburger stuffed with American cheese) but I’ve never done it. I did have that burger with mac & cheese inside, so I was close. But I want a real Juicy Lucy and I’m willing to travel for one. Minneapolis has the original. I love Minneapolis. I must talk to Brad Pitt about this idea.
  • Lobster Roll – Ah the cockroach of the sea on a bun! Who wouldn’t want that!?!?
  • Muffulletta – Muff-a-yum-yum. And best of all, the really good ones are in New Orleans. I love New Orleans. And since Brad Pitt went to NOLA without me last year, I think I deserve to go this year. Time to head south, I believe.
  • Patty Melt – Hell, you can get a Patty Melt at Sonic. Surely I can find a really good one somewhere in town. Or make one at home if I needed.
  • Po’ Boy – Reason #2 to head to NOLA. Are you listening Brad Pitt?!?! We need a road trip stat!
  • Pork Tenderloin – My mom really likes pork tenderloin. If she doesn’t, then I have a really weird memory of growing up because I remember her eating pork tenderloins from Texas Tom’s when I was a kid. But I also swear on my life her favorite baseball player was Brett Saberhagen and every time I say this out loud she flinches and demands that she could not stand him. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to eating a pork tenderloin sandwich.
  • Reuben – I have never had a Reuben sandwich. Embarrassing, huh? But one of my favorite people to hang out with is named Reuben, so maybe that makes up for it? Give me a Reuben with everything on it and we’ll see what happens.
  • Runza – Friends from Nebraska were very excited with the fast food spot Runza opened in Kansas City. That was, like, three years ago. Three? Two? Four? I have no idea. But its been awhile. And I have yet to eat one of their infamous loose meat sandwiches. Maybe because the word loose reminds me of loose teeth and that grosses me out. Completely. But I love a good sloppy joe, and its technically loose meat. So, the next time I am near Runza and hungry, it will be my top choice in meals. And I will report back with information.
  • Torta – Of course this makes the list. A Mexican sandwich. Seriously. I love a good taco, I’m sure I’ll love a good torta.

Also, I plan to try SPAM for the first time in my life this year. Maybe in sandwich form. We’ll see.

I guess while we are at it, I would also like to try frog legs this year. Last year the most bizarre thing I tried was probably chicken feet. I’m assuming frog legs can’t be worse.

Happy Sandwich Saturday! Here’s to a great year of sandwiches!

6 thoughts on “Sandwiches: Then & Now

  1. OK, Katie, you must do the Pork Tenderloin, very good at Dirk’s north of the River, D’Bronx’ Reuben is one of the best I’ve found, definitely try Frog Legs, you must travel to Philly to have a Pat’s Cheese-steak to really capture the essence of a good cheese-steak, and to Mother’s in New Orleans for the Po’Boy but I for one would skip the Runza all together! Happy Sammy’s! How about those TIGERS!!!

    • Maggie! Thank you for the suggestions!!! I will definitely take your suggestions and put them to good use. And those Tigers…. oh my my my. I love those Tigers. More than sandwiches. šŸ™‚

  2. Yum, pork tenderloins! I had forgotten about Texas Tom’s; we have been getting them at Big Boy’s, the pork tenderloins of my high school days. They have delicious onion rings, too. As for Patty Melts, you can come here to eat that. I make a really good PM. But I will never offer you anything that combines the words “salad” and “sandwich.” Chicken salad, egg salad, lobster salad—blech, mayonnaise. Shudder.

    (I don’t know where you get that Bret Saberhagen business. Willie Wilson was my fav. Not sure why I have to keep telling you that).

    • I’m pretty sure Saberhagen was your favorite. I know it.
      I will come over for a patty melt. And I will try the tenderloin at Big Boys. That sounds like a good idea.

  3. Have you ever been to Which Wich?
    I haven’t been there, but my dad has and he suggests trying it. I thought of it when I read this blog. I plan to check it out eventually, but if there’s one in your area, you should try it, too, to see if it’s worthwhile. If nothing else, it seems like a unique way to create a sandwich šŸ™‚


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