Happy Cracker

If you have never tried the Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan Dip from Trader Joe’s, I insist that you get in your car right now, drive there, buy some, and dip tasty little crackers straight into the container. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area, well…sucks to be you!

I’m serious. This shit is duh-li-cious. And don’t try to whine and say “I don’t like blue cheese wah wah wah” because you will still like it. And if you don’t, then I’ll take whatever is leftover in your container.* On that note: what is wrong with people who don’t like blue cheese? Seriously.

*I won’t actually take your leftover dip. I think it is disgusting to eat after people and I never trust other people to refrigerate their food properly. But if you want to send me a brand new package straight from the fridge, I would not be opposed. I would be as happy as the cracker in my photo.


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