No Salt. All Pepper.

It dawned on me the other day that I never officially announced that Brad Pitt and I had another child.

The rescue stork dropped her off at our house in late December and we had a trial run before adoption.

She passed all tests. The Little Monster liked her. She liked the Little Monster. My allergies aren’t totally killing me. And we fell for her pretty quickly. We followed Jerry Maguire‘s footsteps and said to her “you complete me.” (But more like “you complete our family.”) And she was all “You had me at hello.” It was perfect.

She is a chihuahua mix. We’re not exactly sure what is in the mix but we’re guessing Pomeranian. Or maybe Yorkshire Terrier. Which means she’s either a Pomerhuahua, ChiPomPom, Chimeranian, Chihuarkie, Chorkie or maybe even a ChiPomTerrier.

Based on her looks she is mostly Chihuahua and she has a lot of spunk packed into her tiny 5 pound frame.

Her “given” name was Princess but that’s not exactly our style. So we are working on renaming her to Pepper. Which fits her spunky attitude and how she has spiced up life around here.

And so we have it. Eight furry legs dashing through our home, jumping all over everything, pooping on the area rug only in spots where it completely blends in so you don’t notice it until its too late and twice the amount of dog kisses than we ever imagined.

Say hello to Princess Pepper aka Micro, Tiny Tot and Pepps.


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