Filling Web Bellies One Taco at a Time

Today was a sobering day in the “Pitt Household” — I realized I have yet to eat any tacos in 2014.

How the hell this happened I am not sure. And I felt awfully guilty about it, for you, my loyal followers. You, loyalists, who log in to your computers each and every Tuesday just to catch a glimpse of a tasty taco creation. You, loyal taco followers who can’t manage to live another week without some taco tidbits.

I knew the future was in my hands. So I made it a point to get dressed and ready for work early enough that I could stop by a tiny taco shop and grab a couple. Just to have something to show you. Something to tide you over for the week.

Here you go… Fill your online belly with these carne asada and carnitas street tacos from Cancun Fiesta Fresh.


Happy Taco Tuesday!!!


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