Reuben. Check.

This week I conquered one of my “Must Try Sandwiches in 2014!”

It was a close call. I almost ordered one of my “usuals” but then I was like “You promised yourself you would branch out this year. Branch out. Do it. Order the Reuben! ORDER IT!” And then Brad Pitt told me to just suck it up and order it, so I did.

35 years old and I had a Reuben sandwich for the first time ever. Better than I expected, I must say. My mom put the fear of funky salad dressings in me early on in life, so knowing something like 1,000 Island or Russian dressing was between the bread was a little intimidating to me. Yes, I realize this is coming from the girl who eats things like escargot, chicken feet, sea urchin, pig ears, etc etc.  So a little bit of orange colored dressing shouldn’t be a big deal. And it wasn’t. Also, the sauerkraut was not exactly an appetizing thought. But, again, things turned out really well. Like cole slaw. My mom hates cole slaw and convinced me that I hate it, too. But I don’t. I actually like it. My mother-in-law made some mean cole slaw once and I devoured it. And I have found that its quite delicious packed inside a pulled pork sandwich from Oklahoma Joes.

I’m getting off point now. I had a Reuben!! And it was good. And here is a photo of it:

reuben2I like how photogenic this sandwich is. Its like “HEY BITCHES check me out! I look goooooooood.”  I think its the marbled rye. So pretty.

My guess is this isn’t *the best* Reuben in the world. So I am now on a mission to try more. And decide who has the best. Recommendations welcome. Until then, I can check Reuben off the list of sandwiches to try in 2014 and continue making progress with other sammies on my list.

Happy Sandwich Saturday!

8 thoughts on “Reuben. Check.

  1. We went on a city wide search for the best Reuben in kc a couple years ago. Llewelyn’s in OP has an excellent Reuben. Giovanni’s with extra sauerkraut in Gladstone is pretty good too.

  2. The marbled rye looks delicious. You can keep everything between those two tasty slices of toast though. Corned beef, slaw and gooey white stuff–blech, blech and double blech.

    And FYI, I’m not sure I ever convinced you of ANYTHING.

  3. I can’t help you on where to get a good reuben, I am 74 and still have never had one. I hear they are very good though.


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