Eye Spy a Delicious Lunch

My Seeester needed moral support today during a neurological/ophthalmology appointment and I volunteered. (Jeez. I had no idea ophthalmology had all those extra letters in it! Totally misspelled that the first time. Wow.)

The two and a half hour appointment flew by, only because we took advantage of all the “down time” when the doctor left the room and we played around with the examination equipment. Case in point:20_20

I told her she was like Justin Timberlake, except in girl version and her 20/20 Experience 2014 tour dates were to be determined.

After the appointment we decided lunch was in order and had two great things going for us:
1. We were already on the Plaza
2. We were smack dab in the middle of Kansas City Restaurant Week

It didn’t take much to convince her to head straight to Gram & Dun. Delicious food and a Smoking Dun (their signature cocktail) proved to be the perfect way to wrap up an in-depth eye appointment. Especially because her eyes were dilated larger than a mo’ fo’ and everything up close was very blurry. Her filmy sunglasses were beyond stylish and guiding her through the entrance made me feel like Lionel Richie’s bodyguard. Not only did I get to read the menu to her, but I ordered for her as well. “The lady will have the G&D salad to start and the Burnt Ends Mac & Cheese for her entrée. And the other lady (pointing to myself) would like the Jackson Salad followed by the Shrimp & Grits. Please.”

I was quite pleased with myself. And we shared a number of giggles the whole time.

Lunch was delicious.

The cocktail(s) didn’t hurt either. I’m using a parenthetical plural version of cocktail because we may or may not have had more than one. Only three people know the truth: Me. My Seeester. Our server. And no one is talking. And it doesn’t matter. Because dilated or not, “eye” most definitely spied the best, delicious and most fun lunch ever.

5 thoughts on “Eye Spy a Delicious Lunch

  1. It was tasty! Dang, it sure looked good too! Glad I can finally see it. LOL Thanks for coming with me!

  2. Burnt ends mac and cheese, shrimp and GRITS??!!? They both sound awesome. But, Katie. . . Did you really mean Lionel Richie? He isn’t blind. Maybe your cocktail(ssssss) left you confused.

    • Oh my God. Becky said Lionel Richie and I just went with it. He can see. She could not. Whoa. I think we did have too many cocktail(s).

  3. I have chicken on cooking, it smells good then I come here and see the pictures of that yummy food now I am soooooooooooo hungry. Hugs


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