Stuffing Sabor Into My Belly

Its snowing balls outside here in Kansas City and all I can think about is how its snowing even bigger balls where we are about to move. I’m also thinking about tacos. It is Tuesday, after all. I have a strong feeling that all taco-making-shops are closed today. Mother Nature obviously does not like tacos. But I sure do.

These tacos de carne asada are from Sabor y Sol. I know, I know. “You eat there all the time.” Quit whining. You’ll hear all about “new” tacos after I move. Until then, I have two weeks to stuff as much Sabor into my belly as possible.

Happy Taco Tuesday!




2 thoughts on “Stuffing Sabor Into My Belly

  1. Oh, we bet those tacos were yummy, Mumsy loves tacos. Sorry about all the snow balls there and at the new place. Hugs


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