White Russian Olympics

In honor of tonight’s opening Olympic ceremonies, I decided to whip up White Russians.

It…  just…. made….. sense.whiterussian

My White Russian doesn’t seem very Russian, though. The vodka is from Austria. The Kahlua is a product of Mexico. And the “white” comes from a heavy dose of Anderson Erickson half and half. So, its pretty much a melting pot cocktail. Very much American.

Which makes the drink quite appropriate for the games, because, of course, I am cheering on the USA.

Go for the gold baby. Go for it.

Also, I must add: I used the shot glass that Brad Pitt received as a party favor at Yevgeny & Bethany’s wedding years ago. Our friend Yevgeny has a bit of Russian going on. So that, in itself, makes my cocktail creation very appropriate for the festivities.

Yo, Yo, Yo Yevgeny! This one’s for you! Na zdorovye!*

*I really hope I got that right and didn’t say something offensive like “Suck it Sochi for being ridiculously weird about human rights, animal cruelty and bathroom cleanliness.”

And that is about as political as my blog will ever get. Back to food and drinks and fun stuff….

whiterussianYeah. That’s right.

Yo, Yo, Yo! Cheers!


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