BuhBye Kansas City Tacos

Oh dear! Oh my! What happened to PigTales?!? She disappeared!!

No. No she didn’t. She has just been swamped getting the house ready to sell and everything packed for the big move to Pennsylvania.

Why is she referring to herself in third person? She has no idea it’s driving her nuts! She must stop!!!

Okay so we are moving. Tomorrow.
As in, when I wake up I’m getting in a car and driving across the country to live in a city and state I’ve never seen before. Talk about adventure.

As Brad Pitt and I make progress toward our new home I hope to update you. I’m sure I will have something fun to share. I just hope the new car we bought for this lengthy road trip doesn’t smell like farts by the time we get there.

In the meantime I’m going to share images of my last meals in Kansas City. Many great meals were had over the last week but today’s were most important.

My Seeester joined me for a final Taco Tuesday at Sabor y Sol. (I fought the urge to hug my favorite waitress before leaving.) She got her “cheesy tacos” but agreed to try my “real tacos” and actually liked it.



And then tonight we went to the one place we definitely can’t eat at in Pennsylvania: my parent’s house. What a great dinner! Salad, steak, potatoes and roasted veggies. That’s how we do it in the Midwest. Pennsylvania has no idea what is headed their way.

20140218-230403.jpg Ha! You were expecting a picture of steak and potatoes but got a hotdog instead. Lili wanted a photo op at dinner so I obliged her. It’s only right to put her up on the blog.

Happy Last Taco Tuesday From Kansas City!! Buh-Bye for now.

One thought on “BuhBye Kansas City Tacos

  1. Safe travels dear Katie! I hope you continue to blog, as I get to experience many foods vicariously through you! A new and exciting chapter for you all!


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