Close Encounters of the Cheesesteak Kind

Two weeks in Pennsylvania and I feel like I’m slacking. I’m in the Land of Philly Cheesesteaks and I have yet to try an authentic one! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve eaten my fair share of sandwiches since our one-way-road trip, but no cheesesteak sandwiches.

I’ve come close, but close only counts in horseshoes and something else. I can’t remember what the other thing is, but I know its not the lottery because I’ve been close in the lottery before and never won a damn thing.

My Close Encounters Of The Cheesesteak Kind:

I had a cheesesteak wrap for lunch one day but that doesn’t count because (1) it was a wrap and (2) it was from the Italian Restaurant With Taco Salads. Therefore: It doesn’t count.cheesesteakwrap

I also had a Chicken Cheesesteak sandwich one night at dinner. It was freaking awesome. But, again, it doesn’t count. Because … duh … it was chicken.chkncheesesteak That is an awful photo. So sorry about that. Definitely does not do the sandwich justice. It really was delicious. The restaurant was too dark and I was too hungry to take my time capturing a better image.

I’ve also had some awesome sandwiches that were nowhere near close to the cheesesteak kind, but they were really good and therefore worth sharing… but I’m not going to share them today because they deserve their own post and so you have to wait to see those on another day. Okay. Here is a sneak peek:sandwichpeek



I will tell you all about that sandwich and a few others I’ve had recently on another Sandwich Saturday.

Until then, I need to find a cheesesteak. No more close encounters. I need a real one. And fast. Its my goal for the upcoming week. Wish me luck and I wish you a Happy Sandwich Saturday!!


3 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Cheesesteak Kind

  1. Katie, you’ll know when you have enjoyed a TRUE PHILLY CHEESESTEAK because no sandwich will ever compare to the real thing! Wish I could join you in quest for the ONE, because I sure miss having one here in KC. Love the stories of your adventures, keep them coming!


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