What the (s)Hell Tacos

Pennsylvania continues to perplex me in so many ways. Today was no different. I spent my Taco Tuesday trying out the pork tacos at Cali Burrito. Brad Pitt and I visited this fast-casual joint over the weekend and it was packed – PACKED – with people. Today was no different.

Cali Burrito is similar to Chipotle in the fact you can add ingredients and burritos are delivered wrapped in foil, but different in so many ways…. the ingredients are different. Very “California” style … tofu, avocado, blah blah blah. But meat, rice, beans, cheese, salsa … its all there. In fact, they have a salsa bar (another difference from Chipotle) and each order comes with chips. Are you listening, Chipotle? Complimentary chips and a salsa bar! No wonder this place is popular.

So, yeah, I returned today and tried their tacos. Tacos that have two shells.



They stuff the taco goodness inside a hard corn tortilla and then wrap a soft flour tortilla around the outside. calitaco2

What the hell?!?!

Two shells?calitaco

Yep. Two.

I had no idea what to expect with flavor, texture and everything else you may wonder when you are faced with a double shell. And while I was totally perplexed, I was pleasantly surprised. It rocked my what-the-hell-two-shell socks off.

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!

8 thoughts on “What the (s)Hell Tacos

  1. If I’m going to add extra calories to my Mexican food, it sure wouldn’t be by doubling up on the shell. Extra meat or cheese (looking at you, Seeester!), thank you very much. 😊

  2. Wait. Tofu is California-style? Not according to this native San Diegan! Blegh! Maybe in Northern California? People don’t always realize it, but the cultures between SoCal and NoCal are pretty different. So now I’m wondering if NoCal gave us that tofu reputation 🙂


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