Big Bones Are The Best Bones

I’m pretty sure I figured out what it takes to end up with the best sauce ever.

Not only should you simmer your sauce as long as possible, but its also crucial to have a substantial bone* involved somehow. A nice, big bone gives you so much flavor.** I’m not kidding.

Today my goal was to find the biggest, cheapest bone*** at the grocery store and see how it impacted my sauce.

In addition to the bones from the pork chops, I also lucked out with a thick and meaty bone**** from a beef shin. Never in my life did I think I would cook a beef shin but, again, I was all about the bone.*****

Just try and tell me you could resist this bone:******


*That’s what she said!
**That’s what she said!
***That’s what she said!
****That’s what she said!
*****That’s what she said!
******That’s what she said!

2 thoughts on “Big Bones Are The Best Bones

  1. I’m going to ignore every single one of those asterisks and just say yes, you are correct about what gives the sauce good flavor.



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