Big City Baked Into a Tiny Borough

Shit. I hate it when this happens. I have lost track of what sandwiches I’ve shared with you and which ones I’ve yet to talk about. I’ve had a lot of sandwiches since we moved to Pennsylvania. I have no idea what it is about this state, but I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten just as many sandwiches in the three weeks we’ve been here as I ate my entire lifetime in Kansas City.

Okay. Maybe not lifetime. That’s probably exaggerating a bit.

— Wow. Exaggerating is spelled really weird! I expected it to have two R’s, not two G’s. Coming from a girl who won the spelling bee back in elementary school you can understand my shock and awe when I come across words that throw me for a loop. And if you don’t understand, well I don’t care. I’m still in amazement and you are missing out on the finer points in life. —

So, yeah, I’m probably not giving credit to all the sandwiches I ate before Brad Pitt moved me to the East Coast. But for some reason I’ve consumed a boat load of sandwiches since we arrived.

By now you are thinking: STFU and show me some sandwiches! Alright impatient ones. Here you go. My sandwich from Baked in Emmaus, Pennsylvania:

salami + olive relish + asiago

I had no idea that our teeny tiny sleepy borough could produce such a fantastic sandwich. This place rocks it like Davy Crockett! I love everything about it. The cozy factor, modern yet slightly farmhouse-like decor, the people who work there, the food, the way they serve water in mason jars …masonjarwater

Even their website is impressive. They managed to pack some big city style into our small town. Ahhhh. Life here is going to be a-okay.

Happy Sandwich Saturday!!!

2 thoughts on “Big City Baked Into a Tiny Borough

  1. Mmm… Holly and I were just saying how much we missed PA sandwiches! I don’t know how PA sandwiches are so good but they are. In PGH most had French fries and cole slaw on them. Maybe that’s why they were so good, even for us sissy-ass vegetarians.


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