Turtle Hero Soup

The other night we were trying to decide where to go for dinner and found a gastropub nearby that has turtle soup on the menu. However, Brad Pitt informed me that he “draws the line at turtles.”


I turned, looked at him and asked “Why???”

And he said “Its just wrong. No one should eat turtles. Plus I’m pretty sure some of them are on the endangered list.”

So I gave him a super weird look and said “Are you just anti-turtle-eating because they are so slow and they don’t have a fair shake when it comes to turtle hunting.”

And then he said “Yeah, you never hear about the turtle that got away. Plus I grew up with mother fucking Ninja Turtles.  You don’t celebrate your heroes by eating them.”

So I said “Then why do people eat hero sandwiches?”

That pretty much shut him up.



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