Teeny Tiny Va-Lime-a

If you are offended by vaginas, then stop reading right now. (And grow up, its just a body part.) If you are not offended, then keep on, keepin’ on…..


Four weeks into our one-way-road-trip to Pennsylvania and I found an authentic taco spot today. I heard about it a couple weeks ago, but finally had the opportunity to check it out. In addition to offering “real tacos” they were only $1 each, in honor of it being Tuesday, of course.

1 chorizo taco + 1 steak taco = the best $2 meal I’ve had in town so far! mexicolindo

The only dilemma of the day is that I’m now sitting in front of the television writing this post and watching Coyote Ugly. And I can’t get myself to change the channel.

Okay, full confession, I have a second dilemma of the day. I was very impressed with the teeny tiny limes that accompanied my tacos:mexicolindolimeAnd for reasons unbeknownst to me, they made me think of one of the most hilarious scenes from the movie Step Brothers. (See Exhibit A)

Exhibit A:

Let me make this clear: I did not want to stick the adorable, teeny tiny limes in my vagina. I was just enamored with how cute they were and wanted to carry them around with me. Just not inside my vagina. More like in my pocket. Regardless, there must be something wrong with me if a teeny tiny lime would make me think of that scene from Step Brothers. Now watching Coyote Ugly doesn’t seem so bad.

Happy Taco Tuesday – With or without the super cute teeny tiny lime.


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