Double Duo BOGO Tacos

Its Tuesday and I have a bunch of stories to share. So many that I am forced to keep today’s Taco Tuesday post short and spicy.

Brad Pitt and I returned to Cali Burrito for lunch today and I chowed down on an order of Santa Barbara tacos. Essentially we are talking about two tacos filled with chicken, lettuce, guacamole and cheese. Plus I piled on all four of the salsas available on their salsa bar. And remember? Cali Burrito is the place that stuffs a corn tortilla into a flour tortilla. So its like a double duo buy one get one free taco. But they aren’t free but it just feels that way when you consider you get two tacos and each taco is like two tacos in one. Are you following me here? Even if you aren’t, who cares. Just look at the picture, okay?


Happy Taco Tuesday!

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