Eating For Two

I don’t even know where to begin to share this news with you, so I’ll start with a screen capture of the text message I sent to Brad Pitt earlier today:photo-11

And lets take a closer look at the image I included in my text: photo-10

For those unaware of what you are looking at, I shall explain:
1) EPT stands for EMERGENCY PREGNANCY THERMOMETER and you pee on the stick and it tells you if you are pregnant.
2) The blue lines are how you know if you have an emergency or not.

What is funny is I totally fucked up my April Fool’s joke because I forgot to put an actual + sign in the circle test window. For some reason I thought a straight up & down line in the square window would be positive enough to trick anyone I sent the image to … and I was right. It worked on Brad Pitt.

So I sent the message and within a minute he called me ….

Brad Pitt: Um, is this serious? Are you joking with me?
Me: What do you mean?
Brad Pitt: Katie, I’m not fucking around. Are you joking with me? You better tell me if you are joking with me!

I could sense his blood pressure was about to explode and we were going to need a hell of a lot more than a pregnancy thermometer so I gave in really quick and yelled APRIL FOOLS and doubled over in laughter.

He hung up on me.

I tried calling back, but he did not answer. Finally he called me back and all he could say was “Are you coming with me to register the car?”  That’s all I get?!?!?

When he picked me up to run the errand I was still laughing. He said at first he thought “Shit. Should I be excited?” then he thought “Shit. Should I be worried?” then he thought “OH SHIT, Katie drank her ass off last weekend, that can’t be good.” And then everything was fine in the world because it was April Fool’s Day and no one gets pregnant on April Fool’s Day.  So, although I will be pigging out as usual, its not because I’m eating for two.

Happy April Fool’s Day to all the fools out there.

**Note: I sent my image to my Mom, Seeester and BF Amy. Not one of them fell for my trick. And Amy had the best response when she asked if I chased down a pregnant woman to pee on a stick so I could pull off my trick. Honestly, the thought crossed my mind, but blue eyeliner ended up being a much easier method.

4 thoughts on “Eating For Two

  1. I wondered just like Amy, but I was too concerned with making sure you didn’t think I was stupid enough to fall for that. Not that I’m saying Brad Pitt was stupid, cause I’m not, and he’s not. He’s very smart. He just falls for your crap.


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