The Easter Bunny Has Orange Balls

Easter is probably my least favorite holiday. I don’t quite know why, but its always been pretty uneventful, except for the new swimsuit E. Bunny used to leave in my basket every year. Maybe I don’t care for it because I’m not a huge fan of candy. I’d much rather eat a chicken nugget over chocolate nougat. (FYI: I totally had to search online for the correct spelling of nougat. At first I thought it was nugget and that pretty much blew my mind.)

So, as Easter approaches I haven’t had much excitement. I’m in the Land of Peeps (Did you know Peeps are born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?!?!? That is, like, right next to me!!) Seriously, I went to a Peeps Store last week. I kid you not. Peeps all over the mother peeping place. Look:Peeps

Still, it does not increase my interest in the holiday.

Honestly, I didn’t think anything could get me excited for Easter until today when I saw this at my local Pennsylvania grocery store:cheeseballcarrots

Holy all that is awesome! A carrot of orange CHEESY balls! The Easter Bunny has orange balls! Pennsylvania continues to amaze me and I’m officially excited for Easter.


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