That Chick At The Bar

Today I paid my first visit to the Allentown Farmer’s Market. I had heard from many of the locals that this year-round-market was definitely worth checking out and boy, oh, boy, were they right. The market is huge and has a lot to offer. I could go on and on about some of the things I found, but for now I’m going to focus on the most important:


Um… yeah. That was by far the most glorious find I made at the market today.

Dehydrated chicken feet.

Not for me. For the dogs.

And since Brad Pitt and I have two dogs, I bought two feet:chckfeet

It only seemed fair to buy two. Not only so the dogs would each have their own, but also for the chicken. No sense in a one-footed-chicken romping around Pennsylvania. Might as well lose both feet, don’t you think? It was for a good cause. It kept the dogs very interested and preoccupied for a long while.

They went straight for what would have been the meaty “palm” section of the foot. I know this part is meaty because I tried chicken feet in New York last year. Remember? If not, here is the link about that experience. Personally, I preferred the toes. Much crispier, less fatty and, therefore, more palatable.

The Little Monster and Princess Pepper chowed down on about half of each foot before I had to chase them around the condo and take them away.

At this point, I’m wishing I had waited to give them their treats. Now that I’m looking at the images, I could totally see myself holding one foot in each hand, pulling my sleeves down low enough so only the chicken feet were visible and then offering to shake hands with everyone at happy hour tonight. I’d be all “Hi, my name is Katie, you can remember me as ‘that chick at the bar.'”

Damn. That would have been so much better than using the feet for dog treats.

2 thoughts on “That Chick At The Bar

  1. I’ve started 3 different comments, then deleted each. Sometimes it’s just best not to say anything.

    Love you.

    • I’m going to wear chicken feet hands when I come home to visit and I will give you high fives and a hug. Do you want me to buy some for you?


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