Pret and Pets

Well I would love nothing more than to tell you all about the sandwich I had from Pret a Manger in NYC a couple weeks ago.pret Back when I was held captive in our hotel room because the dogs would not stop barking. But I can’t get into details. Instead I will be soaking the Little Monster’s fancy collar, harness and leash in a sink full of bleach water. And quadruple washing my hands after giving her a bath. She found a lovely (huge) pile of something that was wet and brown on our walk today and decided to roll in it.

At first I just let her do it because:
(a) She was already rolling in something by the time I noticed, so I figured the mess was already made
(b) I naively assumed it was a worm or something just slightly on the gross factor.

When more than a minute or two had passed and she was still wriggling around on her back, trying as hard as possible to blend her body into the ground, I finally walked closer to get a better look at what she found so appealing.

Appealing it was not. Appalling was more like it.

I can’t get the smell out of my nostrils. Which probably means the double bath I gave her as soon as we got home was not enough and she is due for another go-round.

Ugh. I’d much rather be stuck in a hotel room eating a Pret sandwich with my pets.

So, on that note: Have a very happy and clean Sandwich Saturday!


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