Walk This Way, Taco This Way

This weekend Brad Pitt and I went to an Iron Pigs baseball game and were introduced to Walking Tacos.

Its pretty much a bag of nacho flavored chips (ie: Doritos) with taco fixings thrown in: lettuce, cheese, ground beef, salsa, jalapenos and sour cream. walkingtaco

Prior to this, I had never heard of Walking Tacos. Score a point for Pennsylvania in the category of  “Introducing Me to Something New.” Hell, give another point to Pennsylvania in the “What the Fuck?!?” category while you’re at it.

(According to the internet, a Walking Taco is a “Taco in a Bag” and apparently an “Iowa Tradition.” Whatever. I still give PA the points.)

Of course, I had to skip my standard ballpark fare (a hot dog in the fourth innning) when I saw Walking Tacos on the menu board. I do this for you, people. Its all for you. So you have something fresh and interesting to read every Tuesday. Its called “taking one for the team” and this weekend I did just that.

Brad Pitt would not shut up the entire time he ate his Walking Taco — “This is by far the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had” — he kept saying. But he kept eating it. So I’m pretty sure he actually liked it, but didn’t want anyone to know that he enjoyed something so bizarre. He also commented that he was “living on the edge” because he was “sitting down while eating his walking taco.”

Yeah. Totally on the edge, BP, totally on the edge.

It is a fairly genius creation (minus the nacho flavored chips – regular tortilla chips would do just fine) and it definitely allows you to multi-task while tackling a taco. Kudos to the inventor. I’m a fan.

So I will sign off for now with a Happy Taco Tuesday and a little something inspired by Aerosmith.

Walk This Wayyyyy, Taco This Wayyyyy!

Happy Taco Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Walk This Way, Taco This Way

  1. Ummm, they have a Walking Tiger Taco at Faurot Field. This might be one of those “new to you” things.

    • I’ve obviously been living in my own little world until now. People have made me aware of walking tacos all over the place. Who knew our nation was filled with such fancy cuisine?


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