Yesterday, I had a quick afternoon trip to Philly and decided to hunt down Federal Donuts. This place is supposed to be super well known for their fried chicken and donuts. I say “supposed to be” because they are mentioned in all my go-to foodie websites and magazines.

But no one knew where they were located. Not one person. And I asked everyone I passed on the street.

After walking up and down the same sidewalk four or five times, I finally found it (thanks to some guidance from people at a bookstore who were hip and in-the-know and told me to look for the red, white & blue awnings) and ordered two donuts. One was chocolate with sea salt, the other was cinnamon and sugar.donut

I split each in half (so Brad Pitt could have a taste) and went bonkers on my halves. And then I accidentally ate the second half of the cinnamon sugar donut because I lost track of things and didn’t realize that was “his” half.

My bad. Sorry Brad Pitt.

Do you want to know the best part (besides the donuts) about this whole experience??? I was standing right next to the shop every time I asked someone if they knew where to find it!


My hint to you: The address is correct. The shop is there. Just look for the chicken. photo-626

One thought on “DOHnuts

  1. Too funny that you were standing next to the place when you asked where it was. Seems you enjoyed the donuts once you found them. If you ever go back to try the chicken you will have to let us know how it is. Hugs


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