Falling Off the Taco Wagon

Last week when Brad Pitt and I were back in Kansas City for a quickie (A quick visit – get your mind out of the gutter. Perv.) we had very limited time to pack in all our favorite, most-missed food spots. In fact, we barely hit up any of them.

Thankfully, one of those days, the stars aligned and I was able to fulfill my need for good Mexican food. It reminded me why I was so addicted to Taco Tuesday in the first place.

Our home base in Pennsylvania has been a bit of a, um, what should I call this? A bit of a taco intervention. I think the Taco Gods thought I was eating too many tacos, so they purposely placed me in an area that made it a bit more difficult to find good tacos. Real tacos. Any tacos. Its like Pennsylvania is the Betty Ford for Taco Addicts. So, I guess you could say I fell off the Taco Wagon during our visit to KC. And it was so good.patronvisit

Now that I’m back in the Betty Ford of Tacos, I’ve begun searching hard core for ways to get a fix around here. Pennsylvania can’t keep me on the wagon forever.

Happy Taco Tuesday! Again. I know. Its the second Taco Tuesday post of the day. See what I’m saying? I got a fix and now I’m unstoppable.

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