Dino Dining

When one is faced with the option of a regular chicken nugget versus a dinosaur shaped nugget, why would one ever go with regular?dinonugget

35 years old and, yes, I totally created interactive battle scenes (including a lot of roaring) as I dined on my dinos.

[I felt kind of bad for the Stegosaurus. He was stuck with blob shaped legs that most certainly didn’t let him run fast enough to escape the T-Rex. Then, of course, the T-Rex had nothing on me. My arms were much longer and I was able to grab hold quite easily and chow down. Greatest lunch ever.]

3 thoughts on “Dino Dining

  1. You made fun of a choco taco, but you ate chopped and pressed, frozen, then baked, chicken parts? And you liked them because they were shaped like dinosaurs? Sheesh. There is no accounting for tastes.


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